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Solar Fountain with LED Lights Matte Panel, Built-in 4000 mAH Battery Bird Bath Fountains Solar Power with 4 Fixed Rods, Solar Fountain Pump for Pond, Outdoor,Garden,Pool-Multicolor

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Product Description

solar water fountainsolar water fountain

solar fountain pumpsolar fountain pump

solar fountain pump for bird bathsolar fountain pump for bird bath

solar bird bath fountainssolar bird bath fountains

Note:The following situation may not work solar fountain solar fountain In shadow solar fountain solar fountain The solar panel is blocked solar fountain solar fountain The water level is too low solar fountain solar fountain Rotor shaft is blocked

bird bath fountains solar powerbird bath fountains solar power

High Quality Matte Panel: Our solar fountain is equipped with a high-quality matte panel, ensuring durability and longevity even with prolonged exposure to the sun. Unlike normal solar panels, our matte panel is designed to resist peeling, providing a reliable and sustainable solution for your outdoor needs. The normal height of water spray is 12-20inches, the solar fountain pump for bird baths automatically adjusts to a height of 12 inches (30cm) at night.Our floating solar fountain is designed to elevate your outdoor experience while harmonizing with nature.
Water Shortage Protection & Blocking Protection System: Our solar powered fountain is equipped with a water shortage protection system and cutting-edge anti-clogging technology, ensuring optimal functionality. In the event of water shortage or blockage in the filter cotton, the fountain will automatically cease operation, safeguarding against potential damage. Furthermore, the built-in upgraded filter cotton in the pump effectively reduces impurity clogging and minimizes the frequency of cleaning needed. Should the solar fountain cease to function, simply clean the filter cotton to restore its operation.
Anti-Drift Design: Our package includes a 7.8-inch solar water fountain, 7 nozzles, 4 fixer rods, and 3 filter cotton. Concerned about the fountain moving around the birdbath and spraying outside? Worry no more! The fixer rods are designed to secure the solar fountain in place, preventing it from moving randomly. Moreover, with 7 nozzles included, you have the flexibility to customize the spray style of the solar fountain to your liking. This solar fountain is perfect for a variety of outdoor settings, including birdbaths, small ponds, pools, garden decorations, swimming pools, yards, patios, and even for children’s play.
Upon receiving your solar fountain, it is recommended to test it in direct sunlight to ensure optimal performance. Our solar bird bath fountains have a high sunlight conversion rate, so it is advised to add less water to the bird bath as too much water may cause spraying outside the bird bath. It’s important to note that the solar fountain will stop working when there is cloud cover as it relies on direct sunlight for operation during the day. The built-in battery is used at night to provide illumination. These considerations will help ensure the efficient and effective operation of your solar fountain.


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