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Carpet Tape Double Sided – Rug Tape Grippers for Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs – Carpet Binding Tape Strong Adhesive and Removable, Heavy Duty Stickers Grip Tape, Residue Free (2 Inch / 12 Yards)



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Product Description


Carpet tapeCarpet tape

TRAZON introduces a carpet tape that would put an end to the mat slipping issue

Carpets, mats, and rugs that do not stay in their place might be a pain in the neck. A REAL PAIN IN THE NECK or any other body part! Have you ever fallen from the stairs because the carpet was curled? Did that hurt? Has your toddler ever slipped in the living room while playing because the mat was unfixed? Did they cry? Have your parents who came to stay for holidays were challenging not to fall in their bathroom due to the moving rug? Was that inconvenient for them? Yes, these situations are real and they happen in nearly every place. People fall, slip, get hurt, and become angry, irritated or sad. But not in those homes that have our TRAZON rug tape for area rugs on carpet, laminate, vinyl, hardfood, or other surface. Our carpet tape for area rugs works for any flooring type. Because it is made according to the hot melt technology, our tape provides long-lasting and strong adhesion in any conditions. It is resistant to wet and high temperatures. As it doesn’t leave glue residues, you can use it even on delicate surfaces.

Carpet tapeCarpet tape

How to cut the carpet tape? Use a kitchen or stanley knife to cut the tape. Make sure you are making the cut from the paper side faced up.

How to remove the carpet tape? You don’t need any special devices to remove the tape. Take the carpet up. Start removing the tape from one end and gently pull in to another. Use a hairdryer to heat the tape for better and faster removal. Do not scratch the tape to avoid the floor damage.

TRAZON carpet tape is easy to apply

Carpet tapeCarpet tape

Throw those anti slip rug grippers that stick to your scissors into the bin! Our double stick carpet tape won’t be troubling at all. Just follow the drill: Measure the carpet size and the length of every tape piece Stick the required type length to the floor keeping the carpet’s position and size in mind Cut it using the kitchen or stanley knife Remove the paper protector Secure the carpet on the floor That’s it! Simple enough? Yeah! Read more use instructions below. TIP! You deon’t need to apply the tape to the whole carpet length. One piece in each corner will be enough to secure a small or medium-sized rag.

Carpet tapeCarpet tape

TRAZON non slip rug tape is created with an utmost adhesive strength in mind. Depending on the environment conditions, it will hold in its place for about 6 months. So, you won’t be replacing the tape pieces too often. Buy 40 yards long roll and is enough to be securing all the rugs in your home for several years without the need to buy a new one again and again.

TRAZON two sided carpet tape leaves no residues

Carpet tapeCarpet tape

Scratch it off! Scratch it off! If that’s what you’ve been doing with your previous rug stoppers to prevent sliding, forget about that! Our carpet to carpet tape won’t bother you with those glue lines on the floor. So, when you decide to change the tape or remove the mat from the floor at all, you won’t be wasting your time on cleaning off that sticky glued line.


Carpet tapeCarpet tape

Use our rug tape for area rugs on a wide variety of surfaces and floorings. Do you need to secure your rug on a smooth surface like tile, marble, vinyl floor? TRAZON double sided carpet tape will do that with ease. Do you need extra carpet fixation on the concrete, cement, or other rough surface? Our tape is suitable for any outdoor texture. Are you searching for the way to stick the carpet or decorations for the ceremony (wedding, anniversary, etc.)?

TRAZON carpet rug tape is what you need to enjoy the celebration.


Carpet tapeCarpet tape

A home is a place where everyone should feel safe. If at least one trifle like an insecure carpet ruins all good stuff about our nest, what kind of life is it going to be? You have no place where you feel absolutely safe. You think that the world has prepared a lot of challenges and troubles and they are waiting for you on every corner. STOP! This is not the way it should be! Your home is the source of your power, it’s not a threat. And with this belief we created the TRAZON cover tape. The tape that would help you feel secured in your home. Having all the moving and curled carpets securely fixed, you can now walk, run, dance, play catch with your kids without the feeling that you might trip over the mat and fall. Safeguard yourself and your nearest people securing all the carpets to the floor with the TRAZON hot melt carpet tape.

Hot Melt Technology for Extra Sticking Power. Get a rug holder that will finally do its job! Our hot melt double stick carpet tape is highly adhesive compared to acrylic tapes. It offers an outstanding holding power to fix your rugs, runners, carpets, or other stuff you want to keep in its place. Because of increased tensile strength, our two sided carpet tape will be doing its sticky job for 6 months and more.
One, Two, Three, and it’s Ready. Get annoyed by the tape all torn and gummed up on your scissors no more. 2 sided carpet tape has never been so easy to cut, handle, apply, or remove. Just cut the required length with a kitchen or knife and stick it to the surface. You can also remove the tape with one move without the need to scrape it off the floor.
No More Glue on the Surface. Excellent adhesion doesn’t mean your stuff will all get messy. We offers a double sided tape for carpet that will keep all your mats, rags, and carpets in place while being residue-free. It means that when the time comes to change the tape, you won’t see sticky residues on the surface. In this way, our rug tape works great even on delicate surfaces like vinyl, laminate flooring, and more.
Multi-Purpose Use you’ll Love. This floor mat tape is suitable for a wide range of applications. Because it is resistant to water and high temperatures, this carpet tape for area rugs delivers excellent adhesive qualities in any condition. You can use this carpet tape for area rugs on hardwood or as a rug stopper in the bathroom. It is also a great carpet tape for laminate floors and gym mats. Secure unfixed flooring covers with our double sided rug tape.
Your Loved Ones are in Safety Now. Protect your toddlers, kids, senior family members from falling on the unstable surface. Our double sided tape for rugs reliably secures the mat to the surface so that it doesn’t move here and there. You and your dearest are now protected from bruises and those awkward situations when you slip and hurt your arm, back, leg, or head. This rug grip tape will ensure all your family members and guests can walk and play around in your place safely.


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