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Blackout Blinds 138″ x 57″, 100% Blackout Blind Curtain for Window, No Drill Portable Blackout Shades Film for Bedroom, Cut to Any Size, Nursery Black Out Blinds for Baby Travel Temporary

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Product Description

1 100% Blackout Curtain

This blackout blind is covered with black upgraded coating which can blocks light and UV rays. Have a sweet dream even during daytime.

1 Fit for Any Occasion

You can use it in car, camper, bedroom, nursery room, skylight and so on.

2 Waterproof Oxford fabric

LUCMO blackout blinds curtain is made of high-density Waterproof Oxford fabric.You can use it for a long time.


No Drill, Easy to Set Up Big Enough for Any Size of Windows

This size is big enough for you (350×145 cm / 137.8×57.1 in) You can cut it to fit windows of any size and shape.You don’t need any drill but only hook &loop, ruler and a pair of scissorsSet up any time you need it.Tear off quickly if you want to take it away.Waterproof Fabric, Long-term use. 2222

1.Clean the window1.Clean the window Step 1

Clean the window

11 Step 2

Measure size of window

11 Step 3

Cut the blackout blinds into size you want

11 Step 4

Attach the hook & loop dots and tapes to the frame and stick the blinds on the frame

Why both sides of this blackout curtain are black, does it really covered with 100% coating?

Yes, this curtain is definably 100% blackout blinds. There are 2 different sides , one side is normal waterproof oxford cloth, the other side was covered with special coating which can block light and UV.

What if I don’t need this , can it be tear off?

Yes, the hook & loop dots and strips we sent you is made nano paste, so you can tear it off with no trace. If you want you use it next time, you can use it again, but when the nano paste was covered with dust, it will not as sticky as before.

What if I can’t cut it precisely?

You can measure the size of window and then leave 5 cm extra longer each side of cloth for uncertain situation.

How to clean it?

We recommend that you wipe with a damp paper towel or rinse directly with water, machine washing tends to wrinkle.

Is there someway to get the wrinkles out so it looks neater?

You can roll up the blackout curtains or hanging them for a while and the wrinkles improve a lot.

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Sun Blocking

Sun Blocking

Sun Blocking

Set for blackout curtain

100% Blackout

One Way Privacy During Daytime


138″ x 57″

79″x 35″

79″x 35″

Not Applicable

Cut to Any Size

[Cut to Any Size] This blackout curtain is not like usual curtain, it can be easily cut to any shapes you need.
[No Drill/Strong HOOK & LOOP] Easily removable hook & loop self-adhesive attachments for window. The package includes 1*350×145 cm blackout blinds, 2*tapes, 1*300cm ruler, 60*dots.
[Light & UV blocking blackout fabric] Not just can block the sun but also can get cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
[Portable and Convenient] You can use in daily life, in your bedroom of nursery room. If you want to use it in your trip, you can fold this lightweight blackout blinds and put it into the drawstring bag. Perfect for baby room or travel.


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