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BLACK+DECKER Comfortpak, Wearable Cooling and Heating Device, Obsidian Black (BCWCC101-01)



Price: $99.40
(as of Mar 11, 2024 04:01:09 UTC – Details)

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Get instant thermal comfort whether you’re hot or cold with the comfortpak™ wearable cooling + heating device. comfortpak™ gives you control over uncomfortable temperatures at home, in the office and outdoors. Simply push the power slider button down for cooling or up for heating, then adjust the temperature to your desired setting, (low, medium, or high.) comfortpak™ instantly produces a warm feeling similar to holding a warm mug or a refreshing chill like a cold towel around your neck, but without the wet mess. Wear comfortpak™ around your neck using the included soft-touch, lightweight 360° lanyard or use as a handheld device placing against the inside of your wrists or holding in your palms. comfortpak’s™ portability provides the freedom to use while on the sidelines of a game, at your desk or even hiking or biking. Cut the cord of space heaters and fans, stop dressing in extreme layers, ditch the bulky blankets, and discover the new way to control your comfort with comfortpak™.
INSTANT EFFECTS: Immediately feel changes in device surface temperature
WEARABLE: Device fits easily into included 360° lanyard which can be worn to target different areas of the body; wear on the back of your neck or on the front of your chest
MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE: Use the included lanyard or target your pulse points by using as a handheld device and placing against your inner wrist or holding in your palms
EASY TO CLEAN: comfortpak’s stainlees steel contact plate and silicone lanyard are easy to clean with a damp cloth PERSONAL STYLE: Choose from four lanyard colors, Cloud White, Obsidian Black, Breeze Blue, and TropiCoral,* to best match your personality


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